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Are you being abused?

Posted by womenfolkunlimited on June 3, 2014 at 10:45 AM

Ask yourself these questions...

-Are you frightened by your partner's temper?

-Are you afraid to disagree?

-Are you constantly apologizing to other's for your partner's treating you badly?

-Do you have to justify everthing you do, everywhere you go, or every person you see to avoid your partner's anger?

-Does your partner put you down, but then tell you that they love you?

-Have you ever been hit, kicked, shoved, strangled, or had things thrown at you?

-Do you not see friends or family becasue of your partner's jealousy?

-Have you ever been forced to have sex when you didn't want to?

-Are you afraid to break up becasue your partner has threatened to hurt you or themselves?

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